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Before & After

I am thrilled, once again, with the impact of a simple paint job and new brass handles. The corner of this room looks more airy and harmonious. The soft shade creates a more cohesive impression. If you want to soothe your mind and get creative, I´d absolutely recommend painting - instant gratification guaranteed ! Especially when it comes to furniture that you consider to get rid of. Pick a pretty colour and some nice handles and

you´ll be amazed by the result and I am sure you wouldn´t want them to move out anymore.

When you like to keep things simple and easy as I do, don´t worry about sanding - in my experience it is not always neccessary. I painted these pieces of furniture three times over the years without sanding them and I never had any problems - the paint always stuck where it was supposed to.

Varnish: Maharadscha - Beige, silky matt, SchoenerWohnen

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